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October 20, 2008

every act is political / the revolution will not be televised

Upon seeing bongo's change video, i was thinking about what change i would like to see in the world.
My strongest inclination, even though this is against anything i would have said in any previous years, is don't vote! do not vote. the government has let us down, nay, abused us, used us, manipulated us, lied to us, used is as labrats, destroyed our planet and no new president can fix that as long as we are still operating in the same system. einstein said "The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same thinking that created them." and to this i say DON'T VOTE! The lesser of two evils is still evil when we could clearly choose to choose good. how you ask? by being the change you want to see (ghandi) and realizing that even thomas jefferson thought the government should be overthrown every two years. "you will not be able to stay home brothers, you will not be able to plug in, turn on an cop out." (gil scott heron)
My mom said that her kundallini teacher told the class to stop watching the news. if you watch it, it bring it into your awareness, you think about it, it perpetuates, it makes you sick to your stomach or worried about those starving kids instead of enjoying your evening. to boot, you are thinking about all of that negativity at the same time as millions of other viewers. think about it millions of people perpetuating negativity all at the same time. masses of cells vibrating at a dissonant pitch, out of harmony with who they are. i've said it for years: why do i want to know about people dying when my job is to enjoy my existance right here right now. that's all i can do. it's the same as the election. i have seen it make people who love eachother fight over it, when there is no reason for fighting.
the revolution will not be televised...
So i was realizing how shitty it made me feel that i was being kept a secret. i understand people being private, i suppose... not like i was a 'bad' secret, i was just on the down low. but it frustrated me considering how many i people i know that swing and all their friends know, who cares who knows if whoever has threesomes, i mean they should all be jealous. hell, i tell my parents, they don't care. i got lucky in that regard, i guess. but i realized even more, that it's not about me/the couple, it's about the fact that for me, every act is politial, every word that comes out of my mouth, i do it for politial reasons. that's not to say i do things without my heart involved, quite the opposite. i think if more people acted genuinely from their heart and stopped giving a fuck about what anyone thought, the world just might be a better place.
a friend of mine said that there is a revolution happening in people's living rooms, in the back of fetish clubs, quietly, on the DL. people you know and respect are probably, that's right, having (kinky) sex. they keep it quiet, so the PTA doesn't know, their neighbors think they are normal, so they don't have to answer awkward questions, feild off assumptions/prejudices, to keep their job, to not have their judgement questioned. all good enough reasons, i suppose. but i have to ask the question: what if people jsut said who they are out loud. i think we would all be surprised at what we find out about the people 'in charge' the people that are 'respectable.' they are probably more deviant than the most deviant of deviants i know.
if our politicians were honest about their sex lives, i think the debate over gay marriage would halt in it's tracks because being gay would pale in comparison to the things i have done to some politicians myself.

who you fuck is political, what you eat is political, how you think, what shoes you are wearing. you want the government to make the planet better? stop creating waste, recycle, buy biodegradable trash bags, make the restaurant pack your stuff in your own tupperware? you want more jobs? think of a way to make money that the government doesn't know about. you want politial debates to stop being so stupid? stop watching, stop voting. you want the world to work together, stop supporting the biopartisan, in fact, start working with yourself instead of against yourself. stop fighting yourself every day and it will stop manifesting in our figureheads..