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reasons to hate thanksgiving

if you think of more please feel free to add on...

1. Let's not even get started on the whole pilgrim/indian thing
2. Everything is closed
3. Traffic
4. Gluttony - aren't you people afraid of the wrath of god already?
5. gravy
6. Christmas music
7. gravy
8. black Friday
9. traffic
10. giblets - i mean they are called giblets, need i say more
11. Old people drinking
12. old 'conservative' pervy men drinking
13. people saying grace
14. people repetitively saying how thankful they are for family and god....
15. did i mention that taco bell is closed?
16. gravy
17. Tahoe
18. Christmas music
19. parades
20. did i mention people?
21. football
22. beef tongue (don't ask)
23. old people asking me why i ruined myself by getting tattoos
24. people 'politely' trying not to mention their grandson's gayness
25. consumerism
26. stay at home moms with big asses and knitted sweaters with autmn leaves and neatly parted hair smelling of white wine
27. boredom
28. gravy
29. Christmas music
30. sweaters with pumpkins knitted into them


There is something appealingly pagan about holding hands around a turkey carcass, though. Oh, and pumpkin pie.

i do love pumpkin pie...

i wish had pumpkin pie right now.
pumpkin pie pumpkin pie

gravy is GOOD !!!!!!

it's essence of meat... a meat-shake.

i love gravy.

gravy gravy gravy.

even the word "gravy" sounds yummy.

I had cheesecake, homemade brownies, coffee ice cream from Frindly's and Cool Whip for dessert.

all on the same plate.

no rice though.

to rearrange the order a little,

#1 christmas music
#2 consumerism (see #1 above)
#3 football

those are my only complaints. no wait, christmas decorations too. and the strange, sudden ubiquity of christmas-esque halloween decorations this year. but other than that, my thanksgiving was pretty good. my mom makes awesome gravy, which is mostly drippings, with just a touch of thickener and salt.

who is this presley person...

I'm making meat LOAF right now.


and when it's done, I'll take the drippings and make GRAVY.




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