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more avoidance and some notes

so since bashar has been taken off of google video, i've been jonesing... almost enough to actually monetarily support the cause, but i have to read the stalking the wild pendulum book first... but maybe i should finish any other book i've started before taking on any pendulum material.
Rule number 1: YOU EXIST - you exist now, you always have and always will. Is-ness is the only quality existence has. To be. non existence is already full of all of the things that will never exist, so relax.
Rule number 2: The all is the one, the one is the all. HOLOGRAPHIC ALLY SPEAKING: parts are the whole expressing itself as a part of the whole.
Rule number 3: What you put out is what you get back. physical relaity does not exist except as a reflection of the internal. (holographically speaking again, i suppose) if you would like the reflection to smile, you must do it first, and then the relfection will have no choice.
Rule number 4: Change is the only constant - everything changes except the first three rules..

I took notes on the sample on the website until i realized that it was 3am and i was tired at 9pm...
on sticky notes i put them all over my desk.. i don't know why...
the key to manifestation is zero expectation - sometimes life dangles a carrot to get you to head in a direction, but the carrot may not be necessary, it was just the initiation.
behave differently to the reality even if it looks the same
create definitions that allow you to function more simply- blockages are from over complicated belief systems
fear is there to tell you that you are running your energy through belief systems that are not in alignment with who you are.
You do not get rid of things, you transform them - hesitation means no - You highest joy is TO BE yourself - start simple - at every moment you have several choices - excitement is the thread that leads to other excitement - regardless of how it looks, it is making a statement about who you are - instead of supporting who you've been taught you are supposed to be.
critical mass is when there is enought to change the agreement in another direction - spiritual issues and issues of consciousness have entered our daily life - these are indications of critical mass being reached.
Knowingness is surrender - surrender is not a loss or lack of control, but a letting go of who you think you are - you are unlimited possibility - surrender is acceptance, not forsaking.


Fuck! you are bashar.
tell me again about the "do-er"

reading HPB stuff the other day about the "black magic" of the healing profession (written in 1922) how egos get involved and we want the psychic but we want to control it. We want its bits like butterflies pined to the wall. her point was that the only appropriate thing to teach was surrender.

it's really empowering to be the "do-er" you don't realize how much effort it takes. the empowering part is the hip thrusting.

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