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fajitas are the best food ever...

Anyway, the first itme i really enjoyed or even tried fajitas was this one time with redheadedgirlerin. so she was dating this fellow named daivd... respectable lad he was/is.. andway, he made fajitas whiel erin was staying at this awesome hose watching the dog for the summer and such... There was a new years party there one time also... there was like 6 "adults" and the son had stayed behind for new years and his mom bough beer for hi sparty and the "adults" were in charge...
there were pot brownies and i was like 19 or something ridiculous like that... long story short i almost "accidentally" madr out with a 16 year old, but i tell you if i had the chance to do it again i would have totally hit that shit...
i'm sorry diod i say that outloud? i didn't mean it... i take it all back


you seem to have a looong history of fondling 15 and 16-year-old boys.


I say stick to the 16/17 and older boy market. Though frowned upon by some, most folks turn a blind eye to it when women do that, Mrs. Robinson.

oh, my god, i ran into the 16 year old (who is now 21) at my friends house... he's a dumb USC dude now... how unfortunate...

"how unfortunate" that he's a USC dude, or that he's not jail-bait anymore?

i know how you be liking the jail-bait.

fresssh mmmeat! yummy.

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