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Since having no weed, my dreams are friggin weird... and vivid:

1. My mom, sister, first dance teacher and her daughter were all eating dinner and there was clearly plenty of food and despite that fact, they told me that there was not enough for me and i was pissed off and they were telling me that i was selfish and to get over it...
2. i was on my way to go to moontribe with Gerrald and Miller and they were pretending that i don't exist... so i got pissed and went without them. On the way there my car broke down, but marriah and her master came along and picked me up. They tied me up, which was fun at the time, but then got distracted and forgot to untie me... so i was stuck. Aaron came along and he had brought me a boat, a really big one with other watercrafts in it, but he was upset because i didn't have a tarp to cover it with.
3. My old neighbor, Tom, moved back in next door. (when last i saw him he was 26, i was 15... he lived with his girlfriend, but would hit on me... gross...she got pregnant to move back to Boston, even though he wanted to stay and do film production....he was a tall irish boy) he had changed into a short jewish business man... he was looking in the fridge.. then i had to go to June street to get some of my stuff and Nick Noltie lived in my room (but it was really my gramma's old house) and he had to go get money from his girlfriend who owed a bakery. She was a bitch was making Red and Beefcake mop the floor. then she made me mop the floor. But it turned out that the bakery was really fusion dance studio. So i taught a class... the studio was carpeted with all these railings and ramps all through it and only old people took the class and they didn't like it becuase i told them they were crunching their lower back...

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