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sending love to the fucking cunt-bags of the world

i was in yoga this morning and my teacher (who rocks the house) was talking about how you have to approach things with the opposite of what arrises in you... for example in very open poses, you would think that your energy goes outwards a lot, but it would be more helpful/efficient to draw your energy into yourself in this open poses... i used to teach that same idea when i taught dance...whenever you think you are going up, pay attention to the down, when you draw your arm up and away, pay attention to the opposite foot... etc... i could go on for days about the mechanics of it all... however, i thought about how ted nugent or any and all of these things that seem to be getting such a strong reaction from me these days... so i should feel sorry for ted nugent instead of hating him... instead of crying everytime i see a hom less person, i should send them joy... right? that doesn't change the fact that some people might be cunt-bags, but it does change how they affect me and ultimately gives them less power...

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