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digestion ...

i'm starving... but i eat three bites, then i'm full...
I'm only writing this becuase i'm avoiding thinking about taxes...
The man is after me... they say that i own my own business... WTF??!!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?
I would like to tell big brother that if they try to get me to pay anything, it would be just as frusterating as trying to squeeze blood from a stone... goddam it... see ted nugent blog...


Eat fudge. It will make you feel better.

I'm helping.

everyone's a winner. yay!

eeewwww fudge... like butt fudge?

Noooo, fudge fudge.

I having an unholy craving for a chocolate donut from that Giant Donut at Western and Marine Ave.

Cambodian Donuts are the best.

Butt-fudge... yuck.

just checking...

Here's something that might help your digestion:

Apple Martinis.

I'm having my first one ever right this second.


eewww aplle-tinies are nasty.. don't you realize that the stomach abhors sweet and cold? i prefer gin and tonic... but i think i have to quit drinking becuase with no pot, i get carried away and then i turn into one of those sobbing drunks that cusses everyone out...


You are the Anti-Christ!


If you're really 12-steppin', ignore my low-minded ways.

More power to you (and your Big Black Ass.)

sugar is evil... (ps: is there a picture of you shooting up on one of those collages??)

Yes, sugar is super-evil.

More destructive than all the so-called "real" drugs combined.

And yet, so yummy, so innocuous, so accessible.

Sugar IS the Devil.

Now I'm all worked up. I'm definitely going to the Giant donut today to worship Satan.

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