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my acupuncturist says that i am his most needle tolerant patient... (have you seen my tattoos and piercings) i've wondered whether getting tatted is equivalent to cutting, only more socially acceptable... still not sure... however, i realized that one on my earrings happens to be exactly on one of my lung points an my belt tattoo does this cris-cross right on a digestive point, too... hmmm, am i subconsiously trying to acupuncture myself??? i was tripping on LSD for the first time (3 weeks ago... see previous blog) and i had that same trip that i've had a few times on shrooms where my lungs are really fucking pissed off and start to itch (again, see previous blog)... only this time it took over the whole left side of my body... if you happen to have any insight as to the left side, please do share... anyway, mostly, it was in my left intercostals and extended to my left shoulder and down my arm... i was telling my acupuncturist about this and i traced the line of tightness down my left arm... LO AND BEHOLD!! it was my lung maridian freaking out... well, duh... right?? he also put these cool seeds in my ears so i can stimulate my lung points myself... i'm thinking i should get those spots pierced... i also need a new tattoo along where the thoracic cavity ends that says breathe.... that would be dope...


May I burn you with matches?

Just little burns. They don't hurt much.

mmm-mmmmmm-matches.... ak!

burns are scary... tattoos/piercings are decorative but burns are ugly


I'll settle for tying you up to a lightpost and licking you. I won't bite.

is that a good compromise?

May I smear your torso with fudge also?

The good kind from the fudge store at the Mall.

Fudgey fudge.

The right side is the masculine, the father. The left side is the feminine, the mother. Your physical problems are on the left side, which means mother issues. The back has to do with support, so you feel that you’re not being supported by your mother in some way. And the ring finger has to do with the smaller details of a problem.

That's what I read, for all it's worth.

errrr... ok, fine... but Josh might get mad... mostly because he loves fudge more than any other fudgy person...

That interesting because i had this dream that my mom, sister, very first dance teacher and her daughter were all eating dinner and they kept telling me that there wasn't enough food for me to eat, even though there clearly was... and i was like really pissed off and everypne kept telling me to get over it... but in actual reality, i'm pissed at my dad a lot more... maybe i feel like my mom betrayed me by having me with my dad... deep crap and shit, man

or maybe i just need to stop being so fucking yang (angry?) all the time... see cunt-bag blog...

Nah, go ahead and be angry.

But keep on thinking about it, too.

You can't get over it unless you go straight through it.

I like how "food" plays into your dream time.

I don't so much like to think about the personal roles, ie mother father, take it just to the energy. Left side (I think you already said this) is yin, receptivity, tamas (to the right side which is yang, activity, rajas). However, the energy of the arms are reaching out (now, rajas, yang), to the legs which are grounding, downward movement--tamas. The left arm then, can be seen as the way you reach out into the world to recieve. Sounds counterintuitive, but kind of not. Maybe it has to do with the way that you ask for what you need. And, a teacher/friend told me the other day, "you know, its not wrong to need something".
I cant remember what finger the lung meridian goes down, so, elementally I don't know, though an intenstine line goes down your air finger. Lungs---air--you are a gemini, so from a manifest karma standpoint, this is/these are the sorts of issues you are bing asked to deal with in this life time. Digestion is air and earth (and now Im both driving with out a liscence and jumping between elemental systems). I bet you have some virgo, either rising or moon (if not that, then some kind of earth) and then the other one is some sort of water. Okay. I'll stop now on that.

I like accupuncture. I am probably the most sensative needle reciever---my meridians bruse along the whole line sometimes. I also like our accupuncturist. He sent me a oil mix for my birthday.

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