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a rainbow for me

So I was in the midst of one of my latest bouts of rage and i had to get the fuck outside... it was triggered by getting stuck on the 405 on the way to Santa Monica... fuckin'... it took me like 1.5 hours to get there... and it should be a 20 minute drive... so naturally it brought me right back to my daily commutes to UCLA which prompted my morning bowl toking... as the 405 is enought to make anyone need to get seriously fucking stoned.... only now there is no pot to buffer the harsh reality of driving... i was frusterated to the point of tears... and of course, i stayed that way for the rest of the day...
So anyway... i had to get out, so i went for this walk even though it was some bitter ass cold and windy shit outside... i walked down Beryl to Hermosa ave and hung a right at which point it started to rain reasonably hard.... and i said to myself, that figures... and so i got even more pissed off and was walking really hard and fast up this monsterous hill on 190th towards prospect. It was still raining and i was still fuming and then it got really sunny and the most perfect rainbow appeared.. i don't think i had ever before seen a rainbow so perfect... i could see it from end to end, a perfect arc and the colors were all defined and shit... so i felt like it was just for me... and then it reminded me that "despite all it's shams drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world"


I have modified my entire live/work/play existence in L.A. around avoiding the 405 thru S.Monica/Sepulveda Pass.

Except when I'm on a motorcyle. Then that stretch of road becomes the most intense game of Road Fu; Pushing The Envelope, no 2nd chance.

Remember the Light Cycle game from TRON? Yeah, like that but for real.

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