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Rhizome/eye of the needle

The little wild flower plant's leaves got twice at big in the rain. They are the same exact shape, just bigger. Plants are cool like that. They grow from the bottom up and from everywhere at once. I saw it as I left to take a run. The air was cool enough to break up the shit in my lungs. I wore my mercury necklace and thought deep thoughts, tasting them like blue blood. Something that could never pass my lips and hit the air. Something running fast and quick like mercury. Something gained speed, shifted shape. something that can slide through the eye of a needle. Wanting to shape-shift. Wanting to move in every direction at once; feeling the necessity if wings.

There is also something about order in movement. structure and sequence, something about gravity and turning the plant to face the sun. This is the most intense time of year. Something about slowness and darkness and earth. And something about speed.

Mercury could be everywhere at once because he was so fast. He was fast enough that there was no space between impulse and action. they are the same to him. and he stays clean and honest because nothing could build up and there could be no comparison: now to then here to there, whatever. I bet he doesn't know what movement is. He wouldn't be able to understand true or false. He just is.


that's beautiful, man.

its funny that I talk about wings and speed.
For the past three days I kepp getting grounded in different ways. I dont know what that means. trying to catch the right wind or something.


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