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Crash into it

There is more space in us than there is matter. In fact,there is more space in us than there is of us. Really, its all space, right? That is...until we crash into it.

In all this unity, we have to remember our difference. In all the softness, acknowledge that it’s hard. In this ego running, remember the invisible. In all this invisible, remember this world. You call me outward and I call you inward. However, in the end, neither of us could ever understand. We work through the details of this space and time, to unwind
The past. Two cultures, two languages, two logics. Love, yes, is the connection and knowing. And it is also the forever-unknown. The goddess of duality. The magic that there is an other. There is something calling me that I have never known. And. It is one.

All pain is stagnant blood. Stagnation. Something stopped. Really, the pain is the friction. The space between. Something that is moving and something that is still. The gap is the difference in speed and the game of catch-up we play with ourselves. If everything was still, or if everything was moving, there would be no friction, there would be no pain. This is not for the sleeping, nor for the awake. This is for those in the waking shadows. Wishing to be blessed by the old world and embraced by the new. Wishing for ease. No. Here’s to the gap. I ask only to laugh through the tears. This is the pain of waking up.

So. You have gone beyond your wildest dreams in unexpected ways. What now? There is a sense in which success must stay as deeply rooted as it always has been AND there is a sense in which it must be redefined. Don’t worry. It can be both at once: in deep integrity and service and BIGGER. So, (sew, sew, sew….) what do you want?

We are [just] densified energy. Brought down to form; a condensed bundle of the same stuff as everything—solidified, slowed down. Until it almost looks still
In what seems static to this form, our nature
Once released, it is back to flow with everything
That is also free, until it condenses—is again brought down to form.

Just as our cells (and this is just for linear time) are the same cells of generations before when you take it down to the atoms. Thought absolutely not recognizable. So with energy.
And in some ways recognizable, as these bit do carry resonance of what they have been and what they are becoming.

And when it seems recognizable, it can get personal. And sometimes, with personal, can come judgement and then karma in punative and reincarnation is substitute for dogma. And this moment can become just another bit of math for you to measure yourself against.

I remember accidentally having a conversation with my mom where I started relating non-violence to non-duality. I found myself doing a reread of the asention of Christ as his entrance into unity consciousness. That was the stupidest conversation ever. I remember going back to my family and having to remind myself to hide because that’s not what I do in normal life. I remember being confused by the rolling of professional stress conversation into no PDA (twice this sequence happened). And its true. Its all true. I remember asking for more abundance and having 3,000 come in today and thinking, chicken scratch, right? My bar is raised. And timelessness crashes against finitude, and timelines and there is something to do here, there is something to do.

Goddess of duality. The secret to magic is truth and truth is change. That basically means that if you let something come to full expression full truth, then it moves forward. In a reality that seems that the only constant is change, there is then a constant. We have to remember the sacred unknown, and the fact that, through truth, we choose to step into that never know. No constant.

Non-duality does not mean One. In means forever embracing the two. The way to knowledge is not through logic, but through paradox—through stimulating both sides at once.

In quantum consciousness, a lot of attention is placed on the observer. That if the tree fell, and no body was there to see it, did it make a sound….did it even fall at all? This perspective and the spiritual materialism that sometimes follows is an expression of esoteric philosophy through a lens that values doing. Universal law is seen as requiring my personal participation. But the truth is that Law exists whether I am there or not. Whether I am in a position to notice it of not. This same breath that turns the oceans was blowing before I was born and will keep blowing long after I die. Love exists whether I feel it or not. It is not a question of the existence of healing, abundance, free-will or love. These simply exist as universal law. It is a question of participation. What we have, or must have, is willingness.

The universe said "yes" to us. It breathed us. We choose to say "yes" back.

You said to me, we do not have to try. Our connection is built in the structure. In the stars. You can pour weight through your bones. You can let go. There is so much diversity here. From without and within. Adversity could be on the table. I have not dreamed past this point. I have not written this yet. Respect the other. Respect the other. Yoga, and the opposite of yoga. There has to be one AND two. Or else there is no contact.

It is not what the mind can think or the heart can feel. It is what the heart and mind can do together. And it is what the heart and mind can do in linking to other hearts and minds. Our participation in the whole by the quality of each breath.


drive back, baby, to me, fast in your car. I'm here waiting, crash! into me real hard. (the wisdom of gwen stephanie)

she used to be cool.

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