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August 28, 2007


Count by the days becoming
and make space
go back to the place before touch
lay down your dead
so your arms have room
let go
and wait for a tug

Go back to the place before reason and watch
for the cause
before your eyes caught the mirror and it caught you
before the first thought and its unwinding
and wait for a tug

let yourself know
that you know
you will know soon
you know.
you know,
that you will know soon

clay remembers. the slab remembers if it was dropped and when it enters the fire, it unwinds that wound. Also, the clay has an intelligence. It is best to trust what the clay knows and use it. To remember that it is a communication---you are not directing. You should ask the clay what it's becomming.

If you are throwing a really fine medium, especially--you have to account for the torque. For example, I know this is true for Wedgewood: they put the handle on at an angle that relates to the twist that somehow holds from the wheel. Of course, the clay does not go back to the form it started in. and then again, sometimes it cracks. but, even in the best situation, you have to allow for some unwinding.

Body memory This is not now this is then and also now it is not her and it is come get what you need what do you need come get it okay I will get in my car and drive No not five hours ten minutes that was someone else who would never come to me but come to me you almost came it would mean the world it has become heavy this dream of the day that when I need it someone will meet me where Im at I will come but the books stay here tonight will you hold my soul you always do thank you I will go get in my car

write me


I want to lay on the pillows and eat rice and watch greys anatomy for 8 hrs and laugh until my mind is clear and I can write me.
That is what I want. that is not what I need.

that was not me either. and it was. and so is this.

write me


August 22, 2007


write me.

You steped deeply into the still-wet concrete before
you knew how much you wanted to. And then
pulled out to see your own footprint
and had to decide whether to deny it.

You noticed the color of Fall is lavender-blue.
Ad felt the wind shift on your skin,
cold. The weight of everything you still dont know
and everything you know.

So, how could it be that you move
both so fast and so slow
And stay unexplainably soft against the hard,
yet see no bound?

And how could it be that that moment when
you could fall asleep, you fell wide awake.
And still falling.
Still fall. To Earth.
To Pain.
To Human. Love.

August 04, 2007

the rules of improv

"The answer to each moment must be 'yes'
and the question, 'can you live with it?' becomes the test"

Today, I am air.
you should see me, I'm beautiful.
but there is no observer.
And, I am not well suited to this deconstruction.
Some one, who took them self not to have a self at all.
Born into secrets and die with them too,
never knowing
That I felt.
"rip me open and show me my soul!"
I tell her.
There is part of me that is scared not to know.
I want this time to be different.

There is a part of me that is fearless, and knows
the fear was never me;
this is different.
And I no longer tell my flying from my falling.

So, when I feel myself lean closer to a gravity not my own,
I pull back to my foot prints and this
is good.

But from where I stand, could I reach out and touch
and neither push nor pull
but love,
could I be with you?

I feel this touch on this cell that I breathe through,
and I breathe you,
surging hard up my spine
and I breathe you in as you're breathing, and
I promise to be soft.

And I promise to move slowly
along this thing that looks like boundary
across this thing that looks like line
between possible,
and forever unknown.

I promise to move softly.