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Police-O-Matic... when Bean Counters make Policy decisions

Thank you computer wizards for making Police work a numbers game.

See how your neighborhood ranks in the CompStat system:

In all of New York City this year there will likely be about 10-people-per-week murdered.

Hooray! crime is "down" compared to it's historic highs. 10 murders a week is TOTALLY acceptable.

Bravo, CompStat.

In my little ol' neighborhood (the 81st Precinct), hoody Bed-Stuy, we've had a mere 8 murders for the first half of 2008.

So instead of the average 10 murders expected for the rest of the year... we have 2 more to hit our quota.

If the cops gun down a couple MORE retarded kids on the street does that count? I don't think they counted the first one in their statistics. I'm pretty sure they counted that Sonny-Corleone-style takedown as a "good" shooting.

That gives the amateurs and thugs 2 "gimmees" to round out their activities.

Some people obsess on Ball games and team sports to get their Statistic Jones satisfied.

How fuckin boring.

Come on, Bed-Stuy.... 40% drop in rape this year?!?!!?!! What are you.... Gay?

Goooooooooooooo Bed-Stuy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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