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wine and roses

- We pause this program for a brief moment of ennui and uncertainty - .

days pass and i barely notice.

weeks and months to the wind.

yesterday though. yesterday i remember.

the big black lady at the corner Grease Peddler... lazily standing at the order window even though i was trying to get my slice of cheeses pizza through the small opening. Blocking most of the 2-foot square hole with her girthy form as she waited for her chicken wings.

the laundromat. it's convenient prepaid cards make fishing for quarters a thing of the past. the suds, the smell, the ritual.

Fee Fee's presence.

Miss Mollie got over her fear and discovered the magic of spreadsheets.

the beef stew at Collado restaurant and that familiar part of East Broadway.

the walk down Broadway and around East New York and Brownsville. Pimpy mens clothing stores. African markets in Crown Heights. Delicious nuggets of ghetto entertainment everywhere. People yelling and carrying on.

The relative quietness of our corner of Bed-Stuy.

This apartment, a living sacrifice to Flux and Form.

a kiss or two. a touch. a thought. a feeling.

things went on. stuff was said and done.

Really, not much happened. But it seemed like 5 days passed - all slow and detailed.

It's already disappearing - creeping into the void of All Yesterdays.


(and not in a condescending way...for reals)

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