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Mollie got me a sandwich

I was all half-passed-out, tweaking on some code changes, sort of annoyed that I had no Windows box to test out Internet Explorer compatibility of the web service I built.

If I had only brought my Vaio laptop back to New York.

I was out of sorts. Worrying about the little things and also, as always, the big question: what to do. What direction to go. How to stay interested.

Always an issue.

Mollie headed out to the corner Deli 4 blocks away. Asked me if I wanted a sandwich.

Not only did she bring sandwiches, but also 7-Up and some Chifles ("Chief-les") banana chips. Those were really good.

It made me happy.

Afterwards, Mollie went back to working on her jewelry. Later on, she laid down in bed and we both passed out.

When I woke up. The sun had set. Mollie was at the stove scratching together some spaghetti sauce from what little we have in the kitchen.

I went out for a walk. A wander. The usual - look at different neighborhoods I haven't seen before.

Over near the ambulance station on Greene, some guy in the passenger seat of a car asked if "we could talk to you."

There were three of them.

It seemed kind of weird. People in this neighborhood usually give others a wide berth - they leave you alone.

About 3 sentences into his spiel, he finally mentioned he was a cop.

In such cases I've learned to keep quiet and answer only specific questions asked. You learn a lot that way.

Like cops everywhere, "just walking around" is a complete mystery to them. Wandering around to "cop" on the other hand is what an asian guy in Bed-Stuy is most likely doing in the Cop World View. Seems a reasonable assumption. It might be that I'm the ONLY asian guy living in Bed-Stuy right now.

Surely these streets, the buildings, the people, the vibe are not in the least bit compelling. Surely one wouldn't CHOOSE to live here.

Apparently, in the view of plainclothes NYPD officers of Bedford Stuyvesant, the area of Greene Ave and Monroe Street is a "Drug Alley". Streets full of "danger" where "they'll rob you".

And yet, if I had a firearm on my person to protect myself from these "dangerous thugs", that would make me a dangerous thug too in the eyes of these Peace Officers and subject to a six year prison sentence.

Such is the paradox of the hood.

It is borderline here. Always on the edge of falling below the threshold of poverty. North of here is worse. The hoodiness is clearly evident.

Good thing I have no money and can run fast. Plus, there's something so insanely strange about an asian guy walking alone in the hood. Something about it that most people can't process.

The funny thing is: the cops around here move in a more menacing fashion than any of the street thugs. And you know who the thugs are too. Everyone projects their fear through the shape of their personal armor. Cop... criminal. Same thing.

With all the talk of an "economic downturn" reflecting and propagating through the media, street cops might get their wish fulfilled. That of a severely dystopic drug-infested urban landscape of ever-increasing despair.

Widespread economic recession could bring back the bad ol' days.

Especially in places like Bed-Stuy... and Hot Springs South Dakota... and Sioux City

and everywhere else where the machine barely recovers, even in the best of times.

I'm hoping for another direction. That of the continued flourishing of the Brooklyn area. More of a mix of different people in the area. More neighborhood cafes along the street, not just take out chinese places and "Kennedys" take out where everything is deep fried and seems specifically targeted to cause the maximum amount of Type 2 diabetes in the predominantly black populace.

Yeah, a few more good restaurants within walking distance would be good.

Maybe even seeing the same cops walking the beat as opposed to a different pair of rookies every day, wandering around clueless. Behaving like a "standing army" or occupying force that sees everyone as the enemy.

Maybe things will continue to get better here.

Maybe the NYPD won't have to send out cars of plain clothes cops to randomly harass people. Searching their pockets for drugs.

Maybe the tide of stupidity is ebbing.

Maybe people will go out for walks at night, just like in the white neighborhoods.



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