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taking on taking off

This is not a New Year's resolution. I don't do those.

This is a life shift, a choice, a decision.

I definitely do those.

This test, this ongoing experiment presents different things: new stuff, seemingly new stuff, old familiar things, seemingly familiar things.

I have discovered, through subjective experience, that the super heightened stress cycles I put myself through are not so enjoyable anymore. The smaller, slower, easier-to-digest rollercoaster-cycles-of-angst... those are much more fascinating.

I have discovered also that being away from Mollie for an extended period --- and by extended I mean: more than a week --- is not good for me.

A "heightened stress cycle" that I once found to be enjoyable is now near intolerable.

So the resolution, the shift I require, is "Simplicity".

To me that means not taking on excessive tasks within impossible deadlines. That's not my speed anymore.

It means staying close to home; close to the woman I love. Because that's where I feel most comfortable and most inspired. Simplicity.

It means not measuring my self or my life along the polarity of Success-Failure, but instead meandering along the path of happiness and ease.

Whatever brings those things is where i want to be.

all abstract and subject to interpretation, I know.

still, that is my meditation: Simplicity.

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